Our founder and trainer Güneş İpekkan graduated from DEU Mining Engineering. After she has become motorsport champion in Turkey, she has represented our country in international arena. She has earned 4th place in general classification of global offshore race. Later, she became interested in dog sports and she started her career as a trainer as the student of Erdinç Sarımusaoğlu, few reputable trainers around the world.

She has established the largest dog training centre in Izmir and this centre is equipped with state-of-art technology. This centre only provide services to dogs and main purpose of this centre is to make our dear friends as if they are in their own house and to have a family-like atmosphere.

With her competitive spirit, she is working to spread dog sports in İzmir.

We can procure the any kind of genealogy working dog or pet dog. We will help you to choose dog breed that meets your lifestyle. In addition to their physical properties, we care for their mental health.

Information about our center;

  • 12.5 Acres Land
  • 23 Dog Hut
  • Infrared and Uvc Technology
  • 4.500 m2 Open Grass Training Area

  • 4 m2 Closed Area
  • 6 m2 Open Area

  • 8 m2 Closed Area
  • 12 m2 Open Area

  • 8 m2 Closed Area
  • 27 m2 Open Area

  • 2.20 m Ceiling Height
  • Non-Slip Floor and Walls
  • All rooms have camera system
Grande Sole Dog Resort

Modern Plant

For the comfort and quality life of our furred friends, we have 12.500 m2 hotel area. This way, your dogs can easily run, play with other dogs and socialise.

Our rooms are prepared with boutique hotel approach. Our rooms are unattached 10m2, 20m2, 35m2 villas.

Each room has a garden of its own. Each room has granite non-slip flooring, granite walls, infrared for heating and UVC (purple light just like in hospitals) system for hygiene.

Experienced Personnel

Rather than traditional dog training, we are adopting behavioural communication based on happy tails, happy owners principle.

On contrary to common belief, we want to start training when vaccination period is over (approximately 4 months). We do not accept dogs with incomplete vaccination to our hotel. In our state-of-art facilities and with our 4500 m 2 IGP field that complies international standards, we are following most advanced dog training practices.

We have learned the philosophy of education, not only for dogs but also for owners to be aware of the most accurate communication with them.